Social Club

The Social Club meets monthly with the goal of encouraging adults with ASD to engage with another and “hangout”. Discussion topics naturally come up in the conversation for the group to comment or elaborate on. Members have choices and vote on the activities and outings that occur monthly. Adults practice, learn socialization, and experience being in the community.

Mission: To encourage adults with ASD to engage with another discussing adult topics, making choices and decisions, learning socialization, and experiencing being an adult in the community

Goal: Connect with their peers, the community, and discuss adult related topics

Population Served: Adults with ASD 18yrs and up

Number of Individuals Served:  15 – 20 and it varies monthly

If you have questions or would like to RSVP: E-mail Mirka Honkanen at and Casey Browne at for more info!


Please check Facebook and ASSA events page for additional information or cancellations.